茶树: Erasure of the Individual Through Technological Means

Present Day Reality: technologies to influence cognition

十年树  百年人

(shi nian shu bai nian ren) It takes 10 years to grow a tree and one hundred years to rear a people

Present Day Reality of Non-lethal Behavioral Influencing Technologies and the outrageous ability to subject the human organism to remote undetected access and influence of physiological and neurological functioning. How the US military and intelligence are using unwitting subjects in remote technology experiments, thus highlighting ongoing breaches by the US military and intelligence, of the Nuremberg Code. The deployed existence of the infrastructure and their capabilities, is an unprecedented threat to sovereign nations, and individuals, as noted by European Parliament, in Resolution A4-0005/99 (Resolution A4-0005/99, see below first passage: EPR A4-0005/99 ). References and footnotes open new window  (general footnotes and references for all the parts of this blog, except where noted)

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The reality gleaned from reading the reports of scientific research, declassified military documents, and writings by authors ranging from medical doctors and psychiatrists, to sociological researchers, and former military specialists, warrant urgent ethical consideration, the likes taken up by the European Parliament Final Report 2000, ‘Technologies of Political Control’ (B), Resolution A4-0005/99, and Russia Federal Law, article 6 (B), but the to date, has witnessed the absence of any consideration concerning the dangers that these technologies represent, to civil society, individual freedoms, by the US government, as well as those responsible for such capabilities, namely, branches of the US military, the DOD, the Pentagon, and the CIA.  The premises of early CIA funded research of the 60s and 70s (MKULTRA) into behavior manipulation, also correctly termed mind control, were founded on experimenting with methods aimed at manipulation and control of humans, in general. Evidence presented here shows clearly that the non-lethal weapons research aimed at battlefield applications, differs  to what has continued since the early MKULTRA experiments that saw the use of psychiatric methods, LSD, trauma induction on soldiers, civilians, prisoners, and even children ( 1. Ross, CIA Doctors).  There is evidence that the use of these technologies, by either the military and the CIA, or outsourced contractor, or both, are responsible for human rights violations, and human health violations, off the battlefield, and effecting individuals in the general population. Such violations are evidenced in the written works by a few noteworthy professions, from various fields, who report the existence of these programs, or attempting to highlight the outrageous cruelty being done to an unknown number of people.  Various methods, or programs of psychological harassment and torture, have been reported, as well, that use common citizens to stalk and harass.  More generally, aimed at controlling and manipulating the human organism, the misuse of technologies, by hidden operations of agencies (CIA), which are accountable to no one, may be responsible for an increase in mental illness, in recent decades. Some authoritative writers report that these technologies are also being aimed at people in ways that cause them both mental, and physical pain, endlessly (4. Phillips, Brown, Thornton, pg. 38; b. Carole Smith).

These works by respected professionals include evidence of a long history in the US of developing these technologies, but to what end. Purposes of such developments may extend beyond the battlefield, as writers, researchers and professionals reveal startling facts concerning the US Military’s secret development of these invisible technologies, a network that extends to the private sector, and the gross misuse of them, on human subjects. Today, Dr. Nick Begich, physicist Richard Alan Miller, British psychoanalyst Carole Smith, and writers from Sonoma State University, Professor Peter Phillips, Lew Brown, and Bridget Thornton, are among the few, who are presenting cases to the public, and governmental bodies, concerning the ethical issues inevitably brought forth by these technologies, as well as presenting evidence of outrageous experiments using involuntary human subject. The conclusions of these writers all point to the need for immediate attention, to an area of weapons development, already, or  potentially, threatening the sovereignty of the human mind, the human individual, and society.  The European Parliament’s Resolution on Environment, Security, and Foreign Policy, A4-0005/99, of January 28, 1999, calls for regulations of non-lethal technologies, as well as calling for an international commission, the aims of which would ban ’development and deployment’ of technologies and weapons, capable of manipulating humans (see below link page 5/no.27 ). HAARP is mentioned in the same document (HAARP see below link page 5, no. 24; 25; 26)  and states that HAARP’s implications, ecologically, ethically, as well as its legality, be examined and called into question.

EPR A4-0005/99 Weapons of manipulation:

In the United States there is virtually no discussion, in the public forum, no public knowledge, nor in any circles of state or federal government, calls for attention to what can be determined as true, and real, namely the already misuse of these technologies, by way of space based systems, and the threat that the further development of these technologies presents, for the future of the entire community of human civilization.

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Historic fact laying foundations for aerospace and neuroscience:’ Driven by the need to obtain the physiological knowledge required to fulfill President Kennedy’s commitment to put a man on the moon in the 1960s, Adey, as Director of the Space Biology Laboratory (1961 to 1974) at the UCLA Brain Research Institute, conducted animal and human research. His laboratory developed the technology for biotelemetry from space that allowed EEG recordings from astronauts Lovell and Borman showing the effects of weightlessness on brain function.’ http://www.bri.ucla.edu/bri_weekly/special_adeymemorial.asp

Robert O Becker states in his 1985 book The Body Electric that  ”Eventual monitoring of evoked potentials from the EEG, combined with radio frequency and microwave broadcasts designed to produce specific thoughts or moods, such as compliance and complacency, promises a method of mind control that poses immense danger to all societies-tyranny without terror.” (Becker, pg. 320). Early research, such as the aforementioned, funded by CIA money during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, has, according to works cited here (footnotes *** Begich; 4. Phillips, Brown, Thornton), evolved into extensive research into manipulating, or, as some say, controlling, the human mind, human behavior, as well as allowing remote access to interfere with the human organism’s physiology, negatively. Among the numerous researchers, and their finding, since as early as the 1960s, Ross Adey, one who received CIA funding, found that modulated microwaves manipulated in diverse manners, could effect or cause ’specific electrical patterns’ within the human brain, and that within subjects, responses representing conditioning, could be “enhanced by shaping the microwaves with rhythmic variation in amplitude corresponding to EEG frequencies.” (Becker 319). What this means is that as early as the 1960s, research proved that remote influence of human thought and emotion was more than possible. By the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was being done. This is highlighted in the reported research, and declassified reports, concerning experiments done by Jose Delgado (*), Dr. Ross Adey, as well as J. F. Schapitz (a. Robert O. Becker, pg. 321).   Using technologies to deliverer signals by way of radio frequency, the electromagnetic fields that envelop modern human environments, and microwave transmission, these present an incredible, and hidden threat to any human organism. Non-lethal wepaons for military purposes, declassified, have been in development for decades (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/non-lethal.htm). The little known facts concerning early research into methods to manipulate and control humans, can be accessed through reports, military documents, and written works by noted authors (Colin A. Ross, MD, CIA Doctors, 2006,). The fact that much early research did not concern developments for the battlefield, and used civilians, military personnel, and prisoners, should give one a clear picture about the aims that have continued today. In CIA Doctors, by Colin A. Ross, MD, one of the shortest chapters is chapter 9, concerned with non-lethal weapons, or weapons and technologies to remotely effect behavior. The book is based, to a large extent on Freedom of Information Act released documents. The problem with attempting to find information on non-lethal weapons experiments, using civilians, or others, is that the operations are highly classified. From USAF documents, the writings of Professor Peter Phillips, Dr. Nick Begich, and Carole Smith, this area represents technologies that couple neuroscience, computer to brain interface, satellite based transmission, and radio frequency and ELF (A). The early experiments by the CIA and US military, today not only extend to include research for the battlefield by DARPA, and branches of the US military, but have continued the aims of remotely effecting and manipulating the human organism, and even civilian populations, using the infrastructure of satellite networks (A. IIC Satellite, and other deployed space based systems, classified), HAARP, and radar.

The reality today is that there is no way to detect such manipulations, or experimental uses of unwitting human subjects, in this area. The threat may already be operational, but to what extent, is left to speculation, as well as educated conclusions that one may arrive at, after investigating the findings of  Dr. Nick Begich, and others, as well as studying the declassified reports by the US military (see LINKS and QUOTES).


  • About Human Testing The unbridled and unchecked powers of the US military, Department of Defense, CIA, are, in fact, very great. Costs may be more than budget deficits.  Hidden agenda may very well have hidden human costs.
  • BACKGROUND AND INTRODUCTION The military and CIA have spent billions to date on technologies here in referred to, and much in secrecy. Reported claims of military/intelligence style harassment, and non-lethal targeting, the escalation in psychiatric problems, depression, and mental illness in general.


1. Medical Research and Military Publications proves the existence of, and deployment, and experimental use of technologies capable of remotely affecting the human organism

2. Black Budget Operations of Pentagon The Pentagon’s long running use of undisclosed money, hidden research grants, and resulting operations

3. US Military Unchecked Powers, the Media, and Human Testing The media’s lack of reporting on realities concerning the military’s power, and congressional failures

4. US Military’s Continual Breach of the Nuremberg Code/US and Nazi War Criminals US brought to its shores Nazi scientists, by the hundreds, after WWII, and this little known fact may have cultivated an unethical heritage within the CIA, and the military

5. Today’s US Military-CIA Social and Psychological Operation, beyond MK Ultra The reported surveillance and harassment that accompanies claims of involuntary targeting, using  technologies that interfere with the human body and mind, remain unconfirmed, and lost within a clutter of possible false accounts and fake websites, that clump such reports of so called mind control, with UFO abductees phenomena, and the paranormal. These reported claims of being unwittingly experimented on, by technologies, should be regarded as issues of military science and human health. (Google search gang stalking, covert harassment)

6. References and footnotes general footnotes and references for all the parts of this blog, except where noted.

Opening Statement Footnotes A and B

A.  Non-Lethal Behavioral Influencing Technologies Terms used include non-lethal weapons; psycho technologies; electromagnetic weapons; direct energy weapons/technologies, bioelectric weapons (in brief answer.com: Electromagnetic Weapons, Biochemical Effects: http://www.answers.com/topic/electromagnetic-weapons-biochemical-effects). They use electromagnetic fields, microwave and radio frequency in transmission, or delivered, by way of  ground based relay, as well as radar (Miller, Synthetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars, pgs. 2,8,9)   As early as 1956, US Air Force Base, Rome, NY supplied radar, radio frequency technology, for CIA sponsored remote electronic stimulation experiments on primates, as found in  FOIA documents on MK Ultra. To check this, see Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors (2006), pg. 103 chpt. 9. Ionosphere exploiting military technologies are said to also be responsible for delivery of these techniques aimed at behavioral, neuro-physiological manipulation and control (search US Navy/Reagan Project ELF; see HAARP, ***Begich), satellite technologies has been cited by some writers, as well.

  • IIC satellite, found referred to in the following: USAF report no. 2025: http://www.fas.org/spp/military/docops/usaf/2025/v3c2/v3c2-1.htm#Contents.
  • USAF 2025 Report, Human systems and the Brain, and Human Computer Interaction, clearly shows the existence of, or intent to develop, processes to integrate the human brain with computers, by way of frequency. Presently, from the research of this writer, capabilities already exist, but are highly classified. Delivered by either satellite, or over the horizon radar, as well as ionosphere exploiting systems (see *** Begich HAARP). To quote, “a seamless flow of information between human and computer”. That is an application that is proposed for an existing system, namely the IIC satellite system, which has blanket coverage of the earth: http://www.fas.org/spp/military/docops/usaf/2025/v3c2/v3c2-3.htm#Human%20Computer%20Interaction). There are numerous ways, using existing systems, IIC satellite, or others hidden in black budgets, as well as the electromagnetic field, to aim radio waves, microwaves, or signals generated from the technologies, in general, at the human organism. The extensive military communications system and radar that has existed in the US for decades may very well have provided the source for delivery of remote behavioral influence transmissions, since the 1950s. Declassified documents from the CIA indicate as fact that the National Institute of Health was the site distributing money to Maitland Baldwin, for MK Ultra subproject 62, in 1956, for researching radio frequency stimulation of the brains of primates. That research used equipment from Rome Air Force Base, Rome New York. ( C. A. Ross, pgs. 103, 290; http:// www.governmentattic.org/docs/FOIA_Logs_CIA_FY2005-07.pdf)
  • More recent research, found in proposal, search:  Neuronal Entrainment for Non-Lethal Applications, BAA-98-R-0016, June 29, J998, Clay E. Easterly, ……… (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Institute of Science in Society, Bioelectromagnetic Weapons: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/BW.php

B. European Parliament report, and Russian Federal Law, evidence of concerns for non-lethal, and or electromagnetic weapons and technologies, and their threat: European Parliament: Appraisal of Technologies for Political Control, Final Study, 2000 :  ” That the US has undertaken a variety of _mind control programmes in the past such as MkULTRA and MkDELTA is a matter of public record and those using electromagnetic radiation such as PANDORA have been the focus of researchers in para-politics for many years.355 More recently, authors such as Begich and Roderick have alleged significant breakthroughs in the ability of military high frequency electromagnetic technologies to manipulate human behaviour.356″  (pg. 69: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/stoa/publications/studies/19991401a_en.pdf)Russian Federal Law, article 6, banning energy weapons: see page 30, in Phillips, Brown, Thornton,  US Weapons Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights: http://www.earthpulse.com/epulseuploads/articles/MindControlHumanRights.pdf

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